Photo by Ruby Lanet, 2018.

Rose Beth Johnson-Brown is a bicoastal, LA/Brooklyn​-based director, producer, and writer dedicated to new work development that reveals the necessity of compromise in our day to day. she focuses on making and supporting radically inclusive media and performance.

She is a creative producer and founding member of The Hodgepodge Group, an interdisciplinary producing community, for which she most recently independently produced a three week run of 'In The Penal Colony' (dir. Miranda Haymon) for Next Door @ NYTW. She has also recently worked with: IRT Theater (Stepchild), Titmouse Studios (producer), The Rough Draft Festival (Prosperity!). Currently, she is working as the assistant to the executive producers on Showtime's 'Billions'. She graduated from Wesleyan University with degrees in Theater, Critical theory, and American Studies. She received high honors and the Rachel Henderson Prize for Excellence in Theater.


bb brecht's epic adventure: The Tank (9/26, 10/24, 11/21)

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